This was an incredible experience for me. I learned a lot not only academically, but also socially and about the Peruvian culture. There is not one moment that was my favorite, because everything was a highlight. Seeing Machu Picchu will be forever in my memory and it was one of the best moments of my life. The people involved in this program are incredibly nice, helpful and of course want to save the environment in their own way! I truly enjoyed learning about the environmental situation of a country that is not my own.

I think that this program coul open a lot of doors for me and I can utilize what I learned (in class and from the people) in many different capacities. Through this program I made a lot connections ad friends that I will forever appreciate. Thank you for this opportunity and for this program.

Why did you choose The GREEN Program over other study abroad options?

It offered me a chance to see how other countries have been affected by climate change, and the actions they are taking to solve environmental issues through unique courses and field trips. TGP’s intensive schedule was perfect for me as it allowed me to work through the summer and have a week off to do what I love most, to travel!

How do you hope to make an impact on your campus community as a GREEN Ambassador?

My goal is to let my colleagues at Boise State University know that there is an opportunity to learn more about sustainability and how to minimize climate change in a global sense. From the capstone projects to networking with other young environmentalists, TGP is unique and could be used to one's advantage for their future endeavors.

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