Overall, this has been the experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait to continue my relationship with these people, this program, and take what I’ve learned and spread the GREEN WORD!

Academics: I loved learning about the interconnectedness of the environment and how Iceland is so ethically and environmentally friendly. I also loved being able to see it all in person.

Favorites: The small moments like Bjarni’s stories. Kría, our games at Kex, class-time, and of course the excursions. I loved seeing everyone come together from around the world and share this passion. I’ve NEVER been around so many likeminded people. Also, Midgard is the PERFECT place to stay. Also seeing the capstones flourish from scattered brainstorming to finished business pitches was incredible.


Why did you choose The GREEN Program over other study abroad options?

I chose The GREEN Program partly because of the destination options and partly because of how legitimate the educational aspect was. I didn’t want to go on a study abroad to Iceland and not make it count, so I thought that the destination, paired with the emphasis on renewable energy resources, was a perfect fit for me and my interests.

Everything we did was so hands-on and there was a clear, relevant purpose for everything we learned. Best decision ever!

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