I grew up in Mobile, AL on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. You may or may not know this, but it's where Mardi Gras was really born. Living in a city that backs right up to wetlands and beaches, I always had love for the natural environment. But I didn't start to become eco-conscious or sustainable until high school when I realized my own unsustainable practices and the impact that it could have on the environment. Mobile as a city has a problem of industrial pollution, and not to mention the BP oil spill back in 2010, which we're still seeing the effects of. I want to help solve problems like these on a global scale, and I think it all starts on an individual scale with informed consumers and mindful, sustainable practices. My background is in environmental economics from Miss. State University, and I'm in a TGP-partner graduate program studying Resource Management with a concentration in International Sustainable Development and Climate Change at Antioch University New England.

Going to Iceland for spring break in 2019 was an unforgettable experience. It sparked something in me that I'm certain will continue to flourish for years to come. I met so many people from all over the world that had similar mindsets regarding renewable energy resources and sustainability, and a lot of that spilled over to real life interests, leaving me with 30 new friends by the end of it all. One of my favorite parts was watching everyone come together to create ideas for capstone projects. It was truly an exciting and empowering experience to see these stellar people collaborating to formulate strategies that help combat climate change. TGP made sure that every site we visited and every lecture we attended was a blend of relevance, purpose, and education, while still keeping it fun and interesting. This is a huge reason why I decided to apply for TGP's partnership master's program with Antioch University New England: Resource Management & Administration, concentration in International Sustainable Development & Climate Change."


Why did you choose The GREEN Program over other study abroad options?

I chose The GREEN Program partly because of the destination options and partly because of how legitimate the educational aspect was. I didn’t want to go on a study abroad to Iceland and not make it count, so I thought that the destination, paired with the emphasis on renewable energy resources, was a perfect fit for me and my interests.

Everything we did was so hands-on and there was a clear, relevant purpose for everything we learned. Best decision ever!

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