"I want to leave my impact on the world as a professional woman who had passion throughout her career which motivated others to see the importance of women in the engineering world as well as the need for creating projects and living sustainable lives."

Describe your dream job.

My dream job would be at a company where employees are valued and sustainability is important. A lot of companies, especially within civil engineering and construction are very focused on safety, but in my opinion, they should be focused on sustainability as a main source of improvement. I want to know that I am valued and not just a number. Community outreach would be ideal. I want to be in a position where I can use the paid time off that I am given and not feel guilty for using it. I want to be challenged on a daily basis to use the knowledge I've gained in college, and to then further that education. Right now, I'm most interested in working somewhere where I can work towards obtaining my PE.


Why do you believe that you are the next-generation pioneer of your industry?

I believe that I am a next-generation pioneer of my industry because I have a genuine interest in sustainability and am willing to do what it takes to make this interest known. I believe that I'm in the right spot to make a real impact. I'm about to graduate and start a career. What is a better time than at the start of a career to really work at shaping your interests and integrating them into you life both within and outside of work?  


How has GREEN played a role in shaping your professional endeavors?

GREEN has been the perfect starting point in conversations and the gateway to talk about my interests in projects abroad as well as the importance of renewable energy and sustainability. Going into interviews where the recruiter's first question is "Why did you go to Iceland?", makes it a more comfortable environment compared to the standard interview questions.  Talking about the GREEN Program in interviews is the perfect way to bring up your interests outside of school and work; it also shows an interest in living/working/traveling abroad, while focusing on something that matters - renewable energy and sustainability.


What is your best piece of advice that you would give to a student interested in sustainable development?

My advice to a student interested in sustainable development is to act on it. Talking about sustainable development in class is one thing, but if you're passionate about it, learn how you can do more and really make an impact.   

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