How do you want to leave your impact on the world? 

I want to help provide renewable energy solutions to people in the United States and in other countries to make the energy industry more sustainable.


What is your story? What doesn't your resume tell us about you?

I am the first person to pursue engineering in my family. When I was in eighth grade I applied to my high school's engineering program called Project Lead the Way. The program really opened my eyes to the broad world of engineering and inspired my passion for problem solving. When I realized I could positively impact the world and help solve its' technical problems, I knew this was the career for me.


Tell us about your leadership experiences.

During my sophomore year at the University of New Hampshire, I helped found a student chapter of the Environmental and Water Resources. In this student organization, we volunteered for the community and held professional development panels for students. I was also elected to be president the UNH chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society.


Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something, or motivated you in a particular way?

The documentary called Chasing Ice motivated me even more to pursue a career in clean energy. Watching the devastating impacts of climate change fired me up and made me want to help stop it.


Describe your dream job or career.

My dream job would be to be a part of designing and installing renewable energy systems in other countries.

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