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Focus: Indigenous Knowledge & Sustainability

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Course Information

Location: Peru (Online)
Course: Indigenous Knowledge & Sustainability
Credit: Smart Certificate
Duration: 17 Days


Gain an introduction to Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development concepts, and learn about ancient, Indigenous, and contemporary sustainability initiatives using Peru as a case study.

A 17-day online certificate course analyzing the connections between Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development using Peru as a case study.


  • Discover Indigenous sustainability knowledge and practices in Peru
  • Participate in virtual field trips to Indigenous communities
  • Engage in provoking discussions exploring Indigenous rights and protection
Course Description
This course presents the Peruvian Andes as an ideal place to consider the connections between indigenous knowledge and sustainable development.

It aims to understand how the Quechua communities in the Andes exemplify the paradoxical relationship between indigenous knowledge and environmental issues: they are extremely vulnerable to the effects to issues such as climate change, but they also possess a wealth of knowledge, practices, techniques, and technologies used by these communities to ensure food security in face of calamities. Specific examples of indigenous knowledge and virtual field trips to indigenous communities will be provided to help illustrate the role of the Peruvian people as actors in protecting, restoring and achieving sustainable development.
Objectives and Outcomes

The objective of this course is to provide a basic introduction to indigenous knowledge and sustainable development concepts, while exposing students to ancient, indigenous, and contemporary sustainability initiatives using Peru as a case study. See below for course outcomes.

Peru Online Program

Location: Peru (Online)
Program professor: Professor Oscar R. Ortega
Focus: Indiginous Knowledge & Sustainability

Program Dates Now Enrolling:

To be announced

Academic credits: Smart Certificate
Length: 17 Days

Mon-Fri; 6-9pm ET
Saturdays: 9am – 2pm ET

Program Fee:
Single Pay: $975
Monthly Payment Plan: $255/month for 5 months

Program Curriculum Highlights

Complete the course online with live, engaging, and provoking classes, discussions, and virtual field trips. Gain global perspectives and learn from international faculty and indigenous communities in Peru.
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Course introduction

Gain an introduction to the course and review course expectations. Meet TGP, your professor, and cohort.

rainbow mountain peru
Peruvian geography & diversity

Learn about what makes Peru one of the most diverse countries in the world. Explore the country’s diverse ecosystems and how it impacts economic activities and sustainability.

solar power
Sustainable development

Explore theories and practices of sustainable development. This section aims to stimulate a critical examination and help students understand complex issues of development as they relate to natural, economic, and social systems.

The price of human development

Discover the concepts, measures, and policies for the development paradigm, and the intersections of human and economic development.

indigenous people
Indigenous communities

Gain an understanding of the main characteristics of Indigenous people in Peru. Explore their knowledge, livelihood, beliefs, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Analyze their potential impact as a part of the future of sustainability.

indigenous spirituality
Shamanism & spirituality

Explore Peru’s indigenous cultures and their relations to the Shamanism religion and spirituality. Discuss the intersections of culture, spirituality, and sustainability.

indigenous peruvian community
Indigenous knowledge, rights and protection

Ask: Who has the right to use indigenous knowledge? How are indigenous rights protected, if at all? What is the potential impact and protocol of utilizing indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future?

peruvian landscape
Whole systems approach

Engage in stimulating conversations and critical examination to understand the present and future using a holistic approach, inclusive of indigenous knowledge.

harvest peru
The connection: exploring indigenous communities at home

Apply your newfound knowledge of Peru’s indigenous communities and compare differences and similarities with your region’s indigenous community and sustainability (paper + discussion).

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Course Outcomes

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Meet your professor

Professor Oscar R. Ortega joined The GREEN Program in 2014 as the Lead Professor of TGP’s Peru: Water Resource Management Program in 2014 as part of our partnership with Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola – USIL. Over the course of his academic and professional career, Professor Ortega has accomplished a variety of impressive feats including founding an NGO called Instituto de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo Sustenable de los Agro Ecosistemas Andinos.

Professor Ortega has been awarded the Greta Kramer award for his outstanding studies, and now teaches with numerous International Programs focused on topics related to biodiversity, Andean nutrition, sustainable development, Indigenous knowledge, climate change, traditional healing and international politics. He is driven by the conviction that sustainability can be achieved by educating & creating awareness.

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