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Focus: Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices

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Course Information

University: Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)
Course: Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices
Credit: 2 Credits
Duration: Online, 2-weeks


Discover the challenges, solutions, and processes for the management and distribution of water resources in Peru. Analyze the evolution of technology in the utilization of water from ancient periods to modern times, visit a World Wonder, go ziplining, and more! 

Explore sustainable water management on The GREEN Peru Program! Through this fully online program, you’ll gain knowledge through live discussions and engagement, innovating for sustainable solutions, and global water stewardship.


  • Discover Peru’s indigenous and contemporary methods of water resource management
  • Explore through unique virtual field trips such as Cusco’s most polluted river 
  • Engage in live class discussions and collaborate on an innovative solution for sustainable development
Course Description

As growing demands for resources and management challenges are increasing, communities around the world are forging ahead in the movement to become more sustainable. Climate change concerns are driving the need for carbon dioxide reduction, energy conservation, and urban heat reduction. Changes in flooding and drought patterns are pushing the communities to assess vulnerabilities and take action to become more resilient. Water scarcity and water quality concerns caused by changing population and land use are forcing communities to think beyond traditional water management approaches, while simultaneously applying indigenous knowledge to these processes.

The high cost of aging infrastructure maintenance and replacement has encouraged many communities to seek alternatives. Increasing concern over energy cost as well as energy security and reliability has increased the public pressure for sustainability. Additionally, the increase in public preference for sustainable agriculture is leading to the revision of field practices and more environmentally friendly technologies.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, this course provides knowledge of the theory and practice of this concept and the investigation of urban and rural water issues from the environmental management perspective. These topics will stimulate a critical examination of the historical and conceptual antecedents. With a focus on water resource management, these topics will also provide experience with the complex challenges of utilizing renewable energy in a sustainable manner.

It will review the ecosystem approach to understanding water as a resource and how science, policy, decision-making, ethics, and corporate approaches each play an important role in the management of water in the urban setting. Peru will be examined through case studies.

In class lectures include but are not limited to:
1) Water Consumption & Management – Water issues, Pollution, Mining, Agriculture 
2) Energy in Peru – Peru’s Hydroelectric Production + Climate Change
3) Intro to Peru Geology & Water Usage – Inca vs Modern times
4) Sustainability in Peru
5) Data Measurement & Water Flow Analysis  
*Classes are subject to be updated

Objectives and Outcomes

Beyond providing a basic introduction to water resource management and sustainable development concepts, the objective of this course is to provide knowledge of global water resource management, renewable energy, and sustainability with Peru as a case study. See course outcomes below.

Peru Online Program

Location: Peru (Online)
University: Universidad San Igancio de Loyola (USIL)
Focus: Water Resource Management & Sustainability Practices

Learn Now Enrollment Dates:

March 28 – April 11, 2022

July 11 – 25, 2022

Program Fee:
Single Pay: $1600
Monthly Payment Plan: $380/month for 5 months

Curriculum Highlights

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Course introduction

Gain an overview to the course, meet your professor, and learn about the course planning, expectations, and deadlines.

peruvian culture tgp

Culture & contemporary society

Explore and understand Peruvian society (past and present) as the result of a series of historical, anthropological, and sociological processes and transformations.

peru landscape tgp
Peruvian geography & diversity

Learn about Peru’s geography, high diversity of ecosystems, and how this impacts the country’s economic activities.

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Water resources – Inca vs. modern

Discover the challenges, solutions, and processes for distribution of water resources in Peru. Review the evolution of technology in the utilization of water from ancient periods to modern times. 

peru jungle
Climate change in Peru

Explore the main causes and consequences of climate change in the context of Peru. Learn about the various adaptive mechanisms used by the Peruvian society and the importance of using energy properly and finding new sources of energy.

peruvian children
Sustainable development (2 part)

Participate in engaging conversation while examining and understanding the present challenges of sustainable development. Imagine alternative futures facing complex issues of development and how they relate to natural, economic, and social systems.

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Course Outcomes

Low Emissions. High Impact.

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100% Online

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Professor Oscar R. Ortega joined The GREEN Program in 2014 as the Lead Professor of TGP’s Peru: Water Resource Management Program in 2014 as part of our partnership with Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola – USIL. Over the course of his academic and professional career, Professor Ortega has accomplished a variety of impressive feats including founding an NGO called Instituto de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo Sustenable de los Agro Ecosistemas Andinos.

Professor Ortega has been awarded the Greta Kramer award for his outstanding studies, and now teaches with numerous International Programs focused on topics related to biodiversity, Andean nutrition, sustainable development, Indigenous knowledge, climate change, traditional healing and international politics. He is driven by the conviction that sustainability can be achieved by educating & creating awareness.

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