2019-20 GREEN Industry Mentors

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From NASA, to Nike, to the United States Air Force, and more, the nominations are in and our team has selected 20 leaders from TGP's alumni community who are making strides in sustainability, clean energy, and social impact. This Earth Day, we're proud to announce the 2019-20 GREEN Industry Mentors list: The young leaders who are changing the game of sustainability around the world. 


TGP Industry Mentors will share insights on their unique stories of their successes, failures, and top career advice. The goal? To empower and educate more young leaders to be a part of the solutions towards a sustainable future.

And with a cohort like this, we'll get it done.



Photo: Trey LeSane Photo: Trey LeSane

Trey LeSane

Program Manager, United States Air Force

Photo: Arriman Maulana Makmoen Photo: Arriman Maulana Makmoen

Arriman Maulana Makmoen

Business Development Subsector Coordinator, Tripatra, Indonesia

Photo: Iqra Ahmed Photo: Iqra Ahmed

Iqra Ahmed

Program Associate, Habitats at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Co-Lead EDF Diversity Committee

Photo: Sanjana Paul Photo: Sanjana Paul

Sanjana Paul

Co Founder and Executive Director at The Earth Hacks Foundation

Intern at the NASA Langley Research Center

Photo: Andy DeMeo Photo: Andy DeMeo

Andy DeMeo

Climate Programs Data Manager, Second Nature

Co-Founder Half Acre Beekeeping

Photo: Kelsey McWilliams Photo: Kelsey McWilliams

Kelsey McWilliams

Associate Director at the Toilet Board Coalition

Photo: Kevin Yuan Photo: Kevin Yuan

Kevin Yuan

MBA Candidate Dartmouth University

Sustainability and Innovation Team at Nike

Photo: Jessica Rivas Photo: Jessica Rivas

Jessica Rivas

Co Founder and Project Development Engineer at WindAid Institute, Peru

Photo: James Harper Photo: James Harper

James Harper

Masters in Renewable Energy Candidate, Sweden

Engineer in Training

Photo: Jasmine Abdollahi Photo: Jasmine Abdollahi

Jasmine Abdollahi

Energy Engineer & Sustainability Specialist at NV5

Photo: Prateek Srivastava Photo: Prateek Srivastava

Prateek Srivastava

Structural Engineer at B. Thayer Associates

Secretary at Engineers without Borders New York City

Photo: Parker Reposa Photo: Parker Reposa

Parker Reposa

CEO and Co Founder at Grounded Upcycling

Regenerative Business and Biometric Design student at NYU

Photo: Amanda Berta Photo: Amanda Berta

Amanda Berta

Renewable Energy Engineer at General Electric

Photo: Fiona Reidy Photo: Fiona Reidy

Fiona Reidy

Coordinator at Santa Barbara Adventure Co - Channel Islands National Park

Photo: Joe Thompson Photo: Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

Junior Project Manager at Mustang Renewable Power Ventures

Climate Reality Leader and National Wildlife Eco Leader

Photo: Janessa Ilada Photo: Janessa Ilada

Janessa Ilada

State of Utah Department of Human Services

Photo: Maxine Dixon Photo: Maxine Dixon

Maxine Dixon

Program Coordinator at the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA)

Photo: Chris Biancaniello Photo: Chris Biancaniello

Chris Biancaniello

Solar and Wind Development at ENGIE, Canada

Photo: Stuart Pomeroy Photo: Stuart Pomeroy

Stuart Pomeroy

Finance Analyst at GE Solar

Photo: Shelby Bierig Photo: Shelby Bierig

Shelby Bierig

Quality Engineer at Carbon3D

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