The GREEN Program Fall 2022 Ambassadors

Environmental advocates for climate education and a sustainable future 

Advocates for a GREEN generation

Ambassadors are standout TGP alumni who are on a mission to support future sustainability leaders through experiential education, adventure, and travel.

  • Co-hosting virtual events
  • Fostering community engagement
  • Mentoring sustainability students


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A global community of change-makers

  • Through their semester-long term, Ambassadors take part in unique programming as a part of TGP’s global team.
    • Leadership development
    • Professional development
    • Community organizing

Preparing for impactful stories

“TGP has made a significant impact on me and my career path. I have always been concerned about the environment and finding ways to be sustainable in my daily life.

After I went to Iceland, my whole outlook on life and what I want my career to be changed. I want to be an engineer that makes an impact in the world through engineering and the power system.”- Alex Underwood, TGP Ambassador Fall 2020


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Meet The GREEN Program’s Fall 2022 Ambassador Cohort:

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Alexander “AJ” Ewing

Clemson University | Construction Science Management

Email: [email protected]

Hi, I’m AJ Ewing. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studying Construction Science and Management at Clemson University. I am currently the President of Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC) and Secretary of Phi Sigma Kappa. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and family along with staying active in intramural Soccer and Basketball. I am super excited to be a part of The Green Program Ambassador team! After my visit to Kathmandu with The Green Program I made it one of my top priorities to share my experience to as many people as I can. This was truly one of the best experiences in my life and I feel everyone should get the opportunity to experience such a fascinating accelerated study abroad program.

TGP Program: Nepal: Ethics of Sustainable Development Winter 2022

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Dane Yamashiro

Illinois Institute of Technology | Electrical Engineering

Email: [email protected]

My name is Dane Yamashiro, electrical engineering BS/MS student at Illinois Tech. I participated in the Spring 2022 Iceland TGP experience and absolutely loved the thrill of experiencing a culture integrated with renewable energy & sustainability through touring power plants and visiting local businesses while taking in the beautiful waterfalls and glacier hikes. Growing up in Hawaii, many would think Iceland is the polar opposite, but hopping from one volcanic island to another rekindled similar values of appreciation for the environment and taking care of each other. I am currently an intern at Burns & McDonnell helping design substations for renewable energy interconnection to the grid along with doing electric vehicle research. Feel free to chat with me about my experience, how I fuel my career with a passion for sustainability and renewable energy, and why I plan on going on another TGP experience in the near future.

TGP Program: Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Spring 2022





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Asha Edmondson

Ohio State | Communications

Email: [email protected]

Asha Edmondson is a senior studying public affairs, strategic communications, geography, and dance at The Ohio State University. Her love of travel and environmentalism led her to attend the TGP Iceland trip in May 2022 and she extend her stay in Iceland to write for the Reykjavík Grapevine. Back in the States, she works at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis to supplement her studies. She also enjoys sailing for the Ohio State Sailing Team and utilizing her Columbus Zoo membership.

TGP Programs: Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Summer 2022

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Maya Puffer

Tufts University | Environmental Studies & International Relations

Email: [email protected]

I am a sophomore at Tufts University where I am studying International Relations and Environmental Studies, hoping to pursue a career in Corporate Sustainability. I went on the Iceland Renewable Energy Program in May of 2022 as a way to both experience the beautiful country and learn about their methods of sustainable development. This was an extremely memorable experience and I can’t wait to continue to work with the GREEN Program. Along with studying the environment, I am heavily involved in Tufts student theatre, have a passion for baking, and am always planning my next adventure.

TGP Program: Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Summer 2022


Natalia Laxamana

McMaster University | Electrical Engineering & Society

Email: [email protected]

Hey Greenies! I’m Nat (she/her) and I’m an Electrical Engineering and Society student (minors Business and Sustainability) at McMaster University in Canada! I had a great time in Iceland March 2022 and I hope that I can help to bridge the gap for students keen on sustainability to get out there and experience the world with the Green Program!

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Spring 2022

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Melina Slone

University of Michigan | Environmental Science

Email: [email protected]

My name is Melina Slone and I am a junior at the University of Michigan studying Environmental Science and Sustainability. I studied renewable energy in the Iceland May 2022 program. Since learning about global policy efforts while on this program, I have decided to specialize in Environmental Policy for my major. I am passionate about climate change, renewable energy, and conservation.

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Summer 2022

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Alyssa Beth Luna

University of DC | Computer Science

Email: [email protected]

I am a recent graduate of the University of the District of Columbia where I earned my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and worked for organizations and research studies to increase diversity in the fields of computing and sustainability. Since then, I’ve started my job as a software engineer in which I’m contracted to work on projects for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. TGP has deepened my relationship with the environment and helped me realize how important it is to connect with people who share the same passions. I aim to bring this opportunity to more people of different backgrounds since I believe everyone should have the chance to experience what I did through TGP.

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Summer 2022

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Emma Cheung

University of Waterloo | Environment & Business

Email: [email protected]

I am currently in my fourth year of Environment and Business at University of Waterloo focusing on how companies can decrease their impact. The TGP Belize program helped me tie together what I learned in the classroom to real life experiences. Throughout the trip I learned both soft and hard skills that I will be able to apply in my everyday life and work environment. It also inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, experience new adventures and meet new people.

Belize: Sustainable Action for Coastal Communities & Ocean Conservation, Summer 2022

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Maggie Breitenstein

University of Cinncinati | Mechanical Engineering Technology

Email: [email protected]

Hi there! My name is Maggie Breitenstein and I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineering Technology student at the University of Cincinnati. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio as the youngest in a family of four. Some of my favorite things to do include running, hiking, traveling out West, and eating my favorite foods; sushi and crab rangoon! With an adventurous family, I have always loved and appreciated the outdoors, which is why I decided to join TGP on a trip to Belize. Because of how great my experience was, I decided to become a GREENie ambassador so I can help others change the world!

Belize: Sustainable Action for Coastal Communities & Ocean Conservation, Summer 2022

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Ushab Dahal

North Carolina State University | Mechanical Engineering

Email: [email protected]

Hello, I am Ushab Dahal, a rising senior in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at NC State University, graduating in the spring of 2023. I had the pleasure to go on the first ever Belize TGP Program for ocean conservation. I was able to go on this trip while I completed my Co-Op as a research and development intern at Bosch Rexroth. I am driven by the fact that as climate change occurs, humans will need to adapt, relocate, and change our way of being, but it can only occur through an effective redistribution of resources so that no one gets left behind. Guided by this belief, I have a keen interest in creating collective engineering solutions to human developmental challenges we face in an ever-changing world. So, through my previous engagement in uplifting projects and now recently through the two experiences with TGP and my work, I have a reinvigorated goal to obtain my MBA, work in engineering management, and someday create a business in supply chain management/logistics for development projects around the world.

Belize: Sustainable Action for Coastal Communities & Ocean Conservation, Summer 2022

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Shelby Diehl

University of North Carolina Wilmington | Environmental Science

Email: [email protected]

Shelby Diehl will graduate from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2024 with a B.S. Environmental Science, B.F.A. Creative Writing, and a certificate in Publishing. She traveled with The GREEN Program to Iceland in December 2021. Shelby seeks to communicate pressing environmental and climate issues and solutions through the digital and publishing worlds, and works as a P4G Communications Intern at World Resources Institute and as a Contributing Editor at Cape Fear’s Going Green to do so.

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Winter 2021

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Sophia Shi

University of Texas – Austin | Chemical Engineering

Email: [email protected]


My name is Sophia Shi. I am an incoming Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. I received my Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at North Carolina State University in May 2022. Through traveling and adventures, I grew to truly appreciate nature and thus amplifying my desire to protect it. By working with my cohorts on the capstone project, my eyesight expanded beyond the engineering field to broader perspectives. Therefore, I decided to pursue higher education with my graduate research focusing on process systems optimization for renewable energy. As the first in my family to go to college, I want to bring TGP to a diverse crowd, especially to those who might be held back by cultural stigmas or socioeconomic constraints from studying abroad. I want more and more people to have the opportunity to gain a personal relationship with mother earth and the motivation to contribute to sustainable efforts.

Peru Online: Indigenous Knowledge & Sustainability

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability


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Emily Applegate

North Carolina State University | Electrical Engineering, Concentration in Renewable Electric Energy Systems

Email: [email protected]

My name is Emily Applegate and I will graduate in May 2023 from NC State University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Outdoor Leadership. My goal is to eventually work in international sustainable development, particularly related to renewable energy. My first TGP program was to Nepal in May 2022, and I also traveled to Peru with TGP in August 2022. I have been passionate about both traveling and the environment from a very young age and I have always loved being outside; at my university, I lead trips of students rock climbing and backpacking and I teach at our indoor rock wall. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had with TGP and am excited to help connect future TGP students with these opportunities!

Nepal: Microgrid Systems for Rural Development, Summer 2022

Peru: Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices, Summer 2022

Screen Shot 2022 09 01 at 1.06.53 PM

Aarushi Jadhav

Penn State University | Materials Science & Engineering, Minor in Astrobiology

Email: [email protected]m

My name is Aarushi, and I’m a senior at Pennsylvania State University studying Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Astrobiology. I attended the March 2022 trip to Iceland and had an amazing time pushing the limits of what I could learn and do. TGP instilled in me a greater respect for nature and the wilderness, and an understanding that our efforts shouldn’t only stem from wanting to save the future humanity, but also from an appreciation for the natural beauty of our planet. These lessons have translated into my research involving critical metals extraction without the use of wasteful practices or hazardous chemicals. I hope to share my TGP experience and help others learn as much as I did!

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Spring 2022

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Anna Nielsen

University of Virginia | Architecture & Studio Art & Global Sustainability

Email: [email protected]

Hi all! My name is Anna Nielsen, and I am a third-year at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. I am majoring in Architecture with a double minor in Studio Art and Global Sustainability! I am originally from right outside Washington, D.C. Some of my hobbies include running half-marathons (I am currently training to run a full one later this year)! I traveled to Iceland on the March 2022 trip and learned much about renewable energy. This trip reaffirmed what I want to do with my life and how I can bring renewable energy and sustainability to the world of architecture. I can’t wait to get more involved and share my TGP experiences with people because it was truly unique, and I would not trade it for the world!

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Spring 2022

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Estelle Long

University of South Florida | Environmental Science & Policy

Email: [email protected]

Hello! I’m Estelle Long, and I’m an Environmental Science & Policy student at USF Tampa, with a minor in Urban Studies. I’m also a TGP Alumna and Ambassador, and I’m very excited to keep in touch with such a fun and inspiring program. My trip was from August 1-9 in Iceland, and I loved it! It was a perfect fit, and I got to see not only the energy plants, but also Iceland’s amazing nature from the waterfalls and caves to the hot springs and glaciers. It honestly felt like a storybook at times. I’m also passionate about languages, writing, music, and video games, especially Pokémon, and one of my favorite pastimes is visiting parks and observing the unique ecosystems. I’m also fluent in Spanish, since my family is from Argentina and I’ve visited it four times!

It’s nice to be here, and I look forward to engaging with the Alumni Network and doing my best as an Ambassador! Thank you!

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainabilty, Summer 2022

Screen Shot 2022 11 02 at 4.52.21 PM

Elizabeth Tofte

Penn State University | Earth Sciences

Email: [email protected]

Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Tofte and I’m an Earth Science major at Penn State University. I am hoping to pursue a career in atmospheric/climate science. I had the amazing opportunity to join the GREEN Program in summer 2022 on the Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation trip. It was one of the most inspiring trips of my life, and I’m so excited to share this experience with others!

Iceland: Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability, Summer 2022


I’m a TGP alumni and may be interested in becoming an Ambassador. What are the benefits?

The Ambassador program is a semester-long leadership development program (with opportunities to extend). Ambassadors gain additional leadership development and community organizing skills in the field of sustainability and education, all while being a student or young professional in the field. Ambassadors also receive priority application to return as a Program Mentor on future TGP programs, with all expenses paid.  Ambassadors have opportunities to join future TGP programs as a participant at discounted rates (or free!)

Who can become a TGP Ambassador?

The TGP Ambassador program is only open to TGP alumni who have completed a TGP program or course, abroad or online. We seek motivated individuals who are active leaders in their community and are eager to progress TGP’s mission of sustainability education forward.  Ambassadors may be university students, graduate students, or young professionals in the field. Contact [email protected] if you’d like to become a future TGP ambassador.

What do Ambassador do? 

Ambassadors are official liaisons between the TGP HQ team and their respective community. Ambassadors are responsible for advocating for sustainability education, co-hosting community events, and mentoring TGP students. 

How much time does it take to be an Ambassador?

The role is very entrepreneurial. Your team rep will work with you to develop a plan for the semester that is unique to your schedule and goals. 


Accepted students get access to mentorship and campus events with TGP Ambassadors

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