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Together we redefine education for sustainable development

The GREEN Program is enhanced by a growing community of do-ers, risk-takers, and change-makers committed to sustainability and life-long learning. Whether you are a student, university, organization, professional, or something else, we invite you to join our team and support our mission.


Donate to The GREEN Scholarship Fund

Together, we amplify each other's impacts by making these transformative experiences available to students who could not otherwise afford them. 

The benefits of your contribution to The GREEN Scholarship Fund 

  • Sponsorships will grant students opportunities, access, and exposure on GREEN Programs that they may never have otherwise
  • Help to break down key barriers to education abroad
  • Cultivate aspiring change- makers and future leaders
  • Empower students with practical industry exposure and training to prepare them for the workforce 
  • *Your sponsorship will be a tax- deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor, Sustainability Nexus, a non-profit organization (501)(c)(3) partner 


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