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Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices - Peru

Position: Program Coordinator - Peru (Course: Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices)
Location: Cusco, Peru
Type: Contractor, Paid
Start date: March 2019 



Primary Role
As a Program Coordinator for The GREEN Peru Program, you must have a strong interest for sustainable development, education, customer service, a sense of adventure, and the drive to make a positive impact in the world. TGP staff must represent the company in a professional and responsible manner and understand that the quality of our educational experiences and customer service are taken very seriously and held in high regard. You will be responsible for student groups up to 20 people for 9-10 day programs in Peru focused on water resource management and sustainability. GREEN Programs also serve as personal and professional development platforms for our participants. Our participants are mostly undergraduate students 18-25 years old or young professionals representing different institutions, disciplines, and countries from around the world. These students choose to travel with TGP to gain hands-on, practical industry exposure, learn about a new country, different types of sustainability technologies, engage in once in a lifetime activities, and return home as thought leaders with practical, global, industry experience sustainability. 

General Accountabilities

  • Establishes and maintains procedures and quality control standards
  • Provides guidance regarding expectation management, logistics, safety, planning, customer service, and participant needs.
  • Ensures all established costs, quality, and delivery commitments are met.
  • Coordinates activities with all other functions of the program including university and logistics communications
  • Performs administrative activities associated with the effective management of program operations
  • Determines the responsibilities of assigned ambassadors/mentors to accomplish program objectives.
  • Trains and ensures all assigned ambassadors/mentors are aware of and comply with company, government, and customer policies, procedures, and regulations
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.
  • Presenting and facilitating Capstone Project development:

More info: One of your main roles will be to present and facilitate student cohorts with their Capstone Projects. Capstone Project: Interdisciplinary team projects that are entrepreneurial based, and focused on leaving a positive impact on the world through one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Typically, group presentations are between 15-20 minutes long and presented on PowerPoint at USIL. With training, you will be responsible for explaining the project in presentation form as well as facilitating group exercises throughout the program for capstone development.

Capstone Project Objectives:

  • Business Plan/ Model
  • Implementation of Technology
  • How it works
  • Project Finances
  • Upfront cost, Operational Cost, Payback
  • Governmental Policies
  • Environmental Impact
  • Target Market Demographic

Program Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with faculty and staff involved to enhance experiential learning opportunities/ overall student experience.
  • Collaborate and communicate daily with TGP regarding the students, group dynamic, problems, ways to improve
  • Describe points of interest to students and respond to questions.
  • Provide directions and other pertinent information to students.
  • Escort students on tours and activities
  • Monitor student activities to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices.
  • Engage students to make them feel comfortable in the country while inhabiting a safe and creative environment for personal student growth
  • Select travel routes and sites to be visited based on knowledge of specific areas.
  • Research various topics, including site history, environmental conditions
  • Provide physical safety of groups, performing such activities as providing first aid and directing emergency evacuations.
  • Provide information about wildlife varieties and habitats
  • Teach skills, such as proper hiking methods, and demonstrate and advise on the use of equipment.
  • Mentor students with personal and professional development, renewable energy and sustainability knowledge

Position Qualifications & Competencies 

  • Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through 1 to 5 years’ experience in a field related to international education, guiding, customer service industry as well as a relevant educational background through a Bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Must be fluent in English, and a minimum of conversational Spanish
  • Must be a resident of Peru.
  • Experience with conflict resolution and mediation  
  • Direct experience in renewable energy, sustainability, our guiding industry are a plus!
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks in a busy schedule. The ability to perform long hours (8+ hours) including evening and weekend works. Followed by periodic domestic and international travel.
  • Provide physical safety of groups, performing such activities as providing first aid and directing emergency evacuations. CPR Certified is a plus.
  • Planning/Organizing - Prioritizes and plans work activities; Uses time efficiently; Plans for additional resources; Sets goals and objectives.
  • Oral Communication - Speaks clearly and persuasively; Listens and gets clarification when necessary; Responds informatively to questions; Participates in meetings.
  • Written Communication - Writes clearly and concisely; Edits work; Varies writing style to meet specific needs; Presents numerical data effectively; Able to read and interpret written information.
  • Interpersonal Skills - Listens to others attentively; Remains open to others' ideas and tries new things; Maintains confidentiality; Maintains relationships with others.
  • Customer Service - Manages difficult or emotional customer situations; Responds promptly to customer needs; Empathizes with clients; Solicits customer feedback to improve service.
  • Problem Solving - Identifies and resolves problems time efficiently; Gathers and analyzes information; Develops solutions; Uses reason.

Physical Demands

  • Required to participate in demanding physical activities (hiking, adventure excursions, water excursions, outdoor excursions, etc,)
  • Occasionally required to bend, lift or climb
  • Hand coordination required.

Work Environment

  • Exposure to adverse conditions.
  • Exposure to wet conditions.
  • Exposure to moving mechanical parts.
  • Exposure to high, precarious places.
  • Exposure to outside weather conditions.
  • Occasionally protective clothing or equipment is required and available for use including gloves, helmets, boots, protective eyewear, etc.


  • May lead/work closely with other employees and partners doing similar work
  • Supervises returning ambassadors and partnership contacts on site

Position: Renewable Energy & Sustainability Program Coordinator - Peru
Location: Cusco, Peru
Type: Contractor, Paid




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